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Advanced Barn Hunt Workshop



We will not be holding any seminars or classes in Topeka, Ks.  Sorry.

This is a handler seminar.  It will help the competitor to understand advanced techniques of hunting with their dog.  Now that you have gotten a great start with your dog you may be wondering why you are stuck in the same class over and over.  Why isn’t your dog finding that last rat or why can’t you read your dog in Master to clear the course? 


This workshop will be taught by Victoria Hall, Barn Hunt judge and the founder of Barn Hunt Casa Grande.  Victoria has been training dogs for over 30 years, has Master level dogs in Barn Hunt and trains & competes in the sport of IPO having earned multiple titles and championships including 12th place in the World Doberman IPO competition in Italy in 2013 with her girl Vesna.   Applying all her years of dog training and observing dog hunting behavior she has been successfully helping dogs learn this sport for over 3 years.  Handlers at her club are consistently successful.   Victoria will spend approximately 2 hours guiding and directing you on how to achieve success with your best friends in the dynamic sport of Barn Hunt.  Whether you are in Master or just coming out of Novice the insights Victoria will share with you will be beneficial to you as a handler and competitor. 

Dogs and handlers will have the opportunity for a practice run at the end of the seminar to try out the handlers new skills.

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