Intro Seminar



Intro to Barn Hunt Seminar




Monday October 2nd, 2017 11:00 a.m.

Barn Hunt has been going strong for 3+ yrs now.  It is a fun, awesome dog sport designed to demonstrate a dog’s vermin hunting ability.  Dogs negotiate obstacle courses of straw to locate rats safely hidden in aerated heavy duty pvc tubes.  This fun game tests the dog’s speed, agility, scenting and discrimination abilities.   Dobermans play this game well.

The Intro Seminar is for dogs new to the sport of Barn Hunt or dogs whose human thinks they need a refresher meeting with the rat.  This seminar will introduce the handler to the sport of Barn Hunt while the dogs will be introduced to the rat in a cage and transition to finding the rat in the tube.   Additionally, the dog will begin to learn discrimination between the “real rat” in a tube vs the empty tube and litter tube.  This lays the foundation for all future hunting.

This workshop will be taught by Victoria Hall, Barn Hunt judge and the founder of Barn Hunt Casa Grande.  Victoria has been training dogs for over 30 years, has had her own Master level dogs in Barn Hunt and trained & coached 100’s more in the sport.  Victoria also competes in the sport of IPO having earned multiple titles and championships including 12th place in the World Doberman IPO competition in Italy in 2013 with her girl Vesna.   Victoria applies all her years of dog training and how dogs hunt and track to helping dogs learn this fun sport.  The seminar will be limited to 20 working spots and unlimited auditor spots.  

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Sponsored by:

Barn Hunt Casa Grande

Held at:

Lodge at Sawmill Creek on Meadow Field

400 Sawmill Creek Drive, Huron Ohio